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PI SECRETS – the series

Based on actual REAL case files, PI SECRETS – the series, follows our female detective as she takes on back alley thugs to corporate espionage traitors through to the more emotional adulterers. Her case files are wide ranging and carry some hefty consequences for the culprits. Can she “hold the line” without herself falling into a world of crime! 
SHE’s ON THE CASE – the documentary
JODI is a REAL LIFE FEMALE P.I. and she’s a CANADIAN SUCCESS STORY. Hear JODI’s story, listen to what some of her closest friends have to say about her profession and get an inside look at what it takes to be a successful female P.I. Our crew was given EXCLUSIVE ACCESS and allowed to follow her as she investigates and solves various case files. We answer some of the more interesting questions of what life as a Private Investigator really is. See for yourself!!!